Frequently Asked Questions

Element Tattoo Supply answers common questions revolving around tattoo supplies and tattooing have a question email us and we will be glad to answer questions to our full ability. 

Question: Is our tattoo ink vegan?
Answer: Element Tattoo ink uses carbon, vegetable-based glycerin, witch hazel, alcohol, and water. Carbon which is an organic mineral, witch hazel is plant-based and of course, alcohol and water are both organic components. Every ingredient that goes into our ink is organic and we do not test our products on animals.

Question: What needles are use shading tattoos ?
Answer: Magnum tattoo needles work best for covering larger areas of skin

Question: What is tattoo glide used for for tattoos ?
AnswerTattoo Glide is used for tattoo artist to keep the ink from dripping down the skin as well as moisturizing the tattooed area

Question: What needles are use outlining tattoos ?
Answer: There are different variety of tattoo needles used for outlining the thinnest needle would be a single needle which is one needle and can go up to as much as a 25 loose liner many people don't use that big of a needle majority of the people in the tattoo industry would use a single needle all the way up to a 14 Round Shader 14 Round Shader will give you the thickest line inconsistency where is the fine line you like a single or a type three needle is perfect for a majority of the tattoo you're going to do

Question: Why do tattoo artist bend their tattoo needles ?
Answer: This is very commonly used with needles on bar style tattoo needles but some artist use this technique with cartridge style tattoo needles, with that said tattoo artist tend to bend their needle down to ensure the tattoo needle is sitting down on the tip of the tube creating a more stable needle when tattooing

Question: What tattoo tubes for ?
AnswerTattoo tubes can be stainless steel or plastic, plastic disposable tattoo tubes are known to be black and color with a clear barrel, tattoo disposable tubes connect to the vice of your tattoo machine.

The grip of the tube whether it be 3/4 to 1 and 1/2 in is where you would hold the tattoo tube during the tattooing process,

The tip of the needle is a style of tip you would use for different styles of tattooing

Diamond tip needles have a diamond tip look by preference some tattoo artist like to use diamond tip tattoo disposable tubes because it holds the needle in the crevice of the diamond giving the stability your need for tattoos

Round tip tubes are round some artist feel that the roundness have more ink flow 

Magnum flat tubes which is used for Monster mags flat mags any type of Mag Shader that you would need but you would need the correct tip for example:

  • 15 curved mag needle will use 15 flat tip
  • 9 round liner loose or tight will fit round tip tubes
  • 3 round liners will fit Diamond tip tattoo tubes