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Primary Cartridge Needles

Membrane Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Element tattoo supply excels in cartridge tattoo needles. These needles work very specifically and your tattoo is very clear to see. All our needles prevent ink and pigment leakage and protect tube and tattoo machine. Moreover, semi-transparent tips make needle striking easy to observe resulting in a faultless tattoo.

We specialize in round liners, round shaders, and curved mag shaders. All these needles can be used together for pen-style work and various kinds of rotary tattoos which give you many models of your choice. Element tattoo supply makes sure that these needles are equipped with flexible tips design giving you a smooth process and less pain to the customer. All tattoo needle cartridges are custom made of surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic. The premium light inside the needles with clear color makes striking easy and enhanced to see by the tattoo artist.

The making of cartridge tattoo needles at element tattoo supply allows the tattoo artist to switch needle configuration precisely during the tattoo process. Better ink flow and share of the needles are carefully designed to make the process painless. Elementary tattoo supply aims for human skincare hence we make sure that all cartridge tattoo needles have silicone elasticity gel which has replaced iron spring. It eases the stress of rust and replacement on regular basis. All these cartridges come in a box of twenty, each individually packed. We aim to provide a 100% guarantee about the material used in the making of these needles. Contact us via our customer care service. For bulk purchasing, contact us directly for a discount.

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