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Tattoo Supplies and Equipment Professional tattoo supplies and equipment keeping it safe.

Professional tattoo supplies and equipment cartridge tattoo needles, standard tattoo needles, tubes, machines, power supplies tattoo kits, and more, We're seasoned tattooers ourselves and stand behind our products. We've even formulated our own inks, needles, tubes and carry other top-rated brands!

Blog posts

  • Why Element Tattoo Needles

    Element Tattoo Needles vs the rest of the tattoo supply market.
  • Tattoo tubes: 2019

    Tattoo Tips & Tubes The primary objects that are mandatorily used by a tattoo artist include tips, grips, tattoo needles, and tubes. Further, ...
  • TAC Sciences

    TAC Sciences Tattoo Anesthetic CreamThere are no denying tattoos can be a painful experience for many, whether they’re first-timers or seasoned ta...
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