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Stencil Making

Have you ever started a tattoo and your stencil or dito tattoo paper comes off during the process? Make life easier with Spirt Master Thermal FX Transfer carbon paper. Stencils are crucial to create the best tattoo possible.

Transferring your tattoo line designs to the skin, this paper has never been easier to use and keep your line designs long-lasting on the skin. The purple carbon transfer makes it easy to see during a tattoo and making it easier to follow the linework on various skin types and colors.

Thermal FX Tattoo transfer stencil paper with high contrast pigment color purple ReproFX spirit thermal Tattoo transfer paper specially designed for the rigorous work of Tattooing. Many tattoo artist uses this brand.

The original thermal fax transfer paper has used in the tattoo industry for decades. Tattoo transfer paper design ensures that your stencil will stay in place and not disappear during the tattoo. Specially coated casing helps protect the hands and clothing from the purple mess.

Paper can be run through at 3M Thermal fax machine, can be used to do portraits on the actual photo, can also be used without a machine trace straight on to this purple side of the dye.

  • Works with a tattoo thermal fax machine.
  • Create sharp, clean stencil onto the skin.
  • Can use for making your own tracing for tattoo portraits 
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