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Cheyenne Hawk Round Shading Cartridges

A solid shading technique game is often what separates good tattoos from great tattoos. Tattoo artists often spend years perfecting their shading skills in order to make designs true sophisticated works of art. To better assist in the process, we offer a wide variety of Cheyenne Hawk Round Shading Cartridges, the industry’s leading brand of needles trusted by some of the biggest tattoo professionals for over 10 years.

Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose color filling needle or one for basic shading, our selection of Cheyenne tattoo shading needles are sure to assist you in creating beautiful and memorable designs for years to come. Our collection supports a wide variety of tattooing styles unique to each individual artist.

With a passion to develop the best tools for tattooing, these shading cartridges are specifically modeled with the artist in mind. Featuring a design that allows for precision and less range of movement, these needles are manufactured and inspected in Berlin under the highest technical standards. The professionals at Element Tattoo Supply understand that time is money, and that’s why each shading cartridge comes pre-sterilized. This means you can spend less time autoclaving your new needles and more time creating the beautiful designs you and your customers love. Cheyenne’s thorough sterilization process also guarantees a shelf life of up to five years! Browse our selection and be on your way to creating your next great tattoo today!