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Soft Curved Magnum Cartridges
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Cheyenne Safety Cartridges 23-Soft Curved Magnum Element Tattoo Supply
Cheyenne Safety Cartridges 27-Soft Curved Magnum individually sterilized and blister packed for immediate sterile use.

Cheyenne Hawk Soft-Edge Magnum Safety Cartridges

Want to create designs that really stand out? Hone in on your shading skills by using Cheyenne Hawk Soft-Edge Magnum needles! These sterile soft-curved shading needles are an essential for delicate and precise shading and will give you the control and versatility you need in creating beautiful tattoos. These bugpin curved magnum needles use sterile needle cartridges, are easy to switch in and out, and come in a variety of different types and configurations! An added benefit is that the needle cartridges have their own integrated membrane that keeps ink and blood away from the grip. In addition to this, the needles simply disappear back in to the safety cartridge when switched off, making it easy and safe to dispose of.

The soft-curved magnum needle cartridges come in a sterile package and feature a hygienic design that keeps ink away from the machine and hand piece. With this design, creating beautiful tattoos will be mess-free and hassle-free. The needle’s punctures are clean, precise, and will not badly hurt or damage the client’s skin. These premium needles are an extreme benefit to tattoo artists of all ages and expertise. Using them will make work a bit easier and much more comfortable. It is also always best to keep your client happy. These Bugpin curved magnum needles are specifically engineered to ensure the client feels less pain and heals cleaner and faster. Using these needles is as simple as it gets: just unwrap, insert and design! When it’s time for another cartridge, just click off the needle and dispose of it properly. The needle tip disappears into the safety module, so you won’t have to worry about handling bare needles or possibly contracting an infection. Shop today!