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Cheyenne Safety Bugpin Magnum Cartridges

Cheyenne Magnum Bugpin Tattoo Cartridges

Looking to take your tattooing skills to the next level? We recommend Cheyenne Magnum Bugpin cartridges! Bugpins are a popular choice among both new and professional tattoo artists around the globe. Cheyenne Hawk bugpin tattoo needle cartridges are German-crafted, premium cartridges from one of the forerunners in disposable needles modules. Named for its high sterilization requirements and innovative design, the Cheyenne Safety Cartridge features a shelf-life of up to five years and an internal membrane system that prevents ink backflow, making sure you get to use every last drop of your tattoo ink. Bugpin tattoo cartridges are top-of-the-line magnum needles comprised of much thinner needles. Standard tattooing needles tend to be anywhere between .30 mm and .35 mm thick, whereas bugpin needles are typically between .20 mm and .25 mm, allowing artists the pinpoint precision needed to tackle even the most complicated and intricate designs. Remember that bugpin cartridge sizes are marked the exact same as their regular magnum equivalents – this makes deciding which needle is right for you that much easier! Tattoo artists everywhere swear by bugpin cartridges’ shading capabilities. Able to provide your designs with smoother blends and expert line work, these needles are truly an essential for any seasoned tattoo artist.

If you are looking for high precision, expert control and accurate punctures for your next detailed tattoo project, look no further than our selection of Cheyenne Magnum bugpin needles.