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Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. - The Orignal Tattoo Numbing Cream

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We are an official distributor of the original Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. Get the strongest tattoo numbing cream formula on the market! 


  • Pain-free tattoo
  • Finish your session.
  • Relax

Easy Use

  • Apply tattoo nnumbing cream before your procedure.
  • Cover with cellophane (AKA Saran Wrap)
  • Wait 90 minutes for maximum benefit.
  • Wash off and start tattooing!

Estimated # of Tubes Needed

  • (1) for the forearm, biceps, hand, foot, calve, knee, thigh
  • (2) for partial chest, partial stomach, partial side, partial back
  • (3) for full chest, full back, full thigh

Product Details: 

  • Package Size: 10g / 0.35 oz
  • Active Ingredient: 5% lidocaine, 5% Prilocaine, and 1% Epinephrine
  • Inactive ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer 934, Lecithin(soybean), Propylene Glycol, Tocopherol Acetate, Water
  • Epinephrine is a powerful ingredient that works as a vasoconstrictor. It makes the blood vessels tight, decreasing swelling and bleeding during the process.
  • Weight: 1 oz

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