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We are family-owned business and treat all of our customer as family. In the crowed tattoo supply space, we know as consumer you have so many places you can buy your tattoo supplies from. This is why we are so we are humbled you choose, and continue to choose, Element Tattoo Supply. In addition to quality products, we are committed to providing fair-prices, friendly service and fast shipping. Thank you so much for being a customer. We would love to hear your feedback.
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  • Marino W.

    I love you’re shop I been buying here for a year. Never no dissatisfaction no mess ups. Straightforward I’ll definitely be back!

  • rich steinman

    Very courteous, helpful and rapid help and feedback

  • Olivia D.

    Insanely good customer service, fast and and very helpful!! You can ask this seller for additional info and they provide a thorough and thoughtful response. fivestars!!

  • Angela

    This is my second order and I’m over satisfied with my purchase. The quality is excellent and the shipping was extremely fast. I will definitely be purchasing again! Thanks Again and Keep up the Good work

  • Nina

    i get all of my stick n poke supplies from element and i love them! quick shipping every time and they have the best selection

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