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We are family-owned business and treat all of our customer as family. In the crowed tattoo supply space, we know as consumer you have so many places you can buy your tattoo supplies from. This is why we are so we are humbled you choose, and continue to choose, Element Tattoo Supply. In addition to quality products, we are committed to providing fair-prices, friendly service and fast shipping. Thank you so much for being a customer. We would love to hear your feedback.
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  • Chantal Nagel

    I’ve ordered from this shop 3 times and I will be a forever customer! Materials are high quality, the handle feels great and is a game changer for stick and pokes, and it’s always shipped within a day and arrived within 2-3 days, which is nearly unheard of as I live in Hawaii! Love this company and product!

  • Myra

    The customer service is great. The shipping was fast, and this is a great company to buy from. They email every step of the way so you know when your item is expected. Will definitely buy from again. Thank you

  • Isaac Borjas

    Thank you so much for y’all’s help, I really appreciate it. I’ve been looking for this tattoo machine for quite some time now and I got it for an awesome price, than you so much

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