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Round Shader - Low Profile Tattoo Needles

Round Shader - Low Profile Tattoo Needles

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Eddie Tana's Low Profile Tattoo Needles

Low profile tattoo needles are not just your average tattoo needle #12 on the market these low profile tattooing needles are soldered lower than the average tattoo needle to ensure stability and stiffness when trying to achieve a solid color tattoo or any type of tattoo you can also achieve soft shading as well as the stick and poke art. Eddie Tana or OC Tattoo has been making his tattoo needles since he started tattooing 24 years ago.

  • How Many - Pack of 5
  • Style - Traditional Needle On Bar
  • Needle Size - Standard #12
  • Needle Diameter - 0.35
  • Sterilized - Yes
  • Disposable - Yes
  • Taper - Long Taper
  • Compatible - Plastic, Aluminum, Disposable Tubes
  • Brand - Low Profile Tattoo Needles


    Made of 304 medical stainless steel, Low Profile tattoo needles are long tapered, Size: #12, and Diameter of 0.35 These are industry-standard tattoo needles, The taper, and thickness of Low Profile tattoo needles are perfect for any style of tattooing, Traditionally needles on the bar are grouped and placed on the front end of the needle bar and a loop at the other end. Connect your armature bar to the looped end of the tattoo needle letting the sharp tip point end at the tip of the tattoo tube.

    Eddie Tana's Low Profile Tattoo Needles are exclusively produced by Element Tattoo Supply. These high-quality, stainless steel pre-made needles are made to last. Designed and built using 20 years of professional industry experience