Why use Thermal Fax Purple Tattoo Transfer Paper

Tattoo artists are as human as any one of us, so it is common for some to miss out on the instructions of a client. Isn’t it annoying to get out of a session with a tattoo that does not look exactly like what you had initially envisioned?

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The solution to this problem is quite simple: tattoo transfer paper. The good news is that we carry top of the range quality of tattoo transfer paper here at Element Tattoo Supply. Do you remember those temporary stickers you applied on your skin all the time that faded away by morning the next day? Well, the concept for the transfer paper is similar to the temporary sticker without the vibrant colors. Purple in color and is used primarily for doing professional tattoos.
How thermal transfer paper works?

Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper

Also known as or Thermal Fax Carbon Dito Paper, this particular paper comprises of four layers. The first sheet of paper is white and is where the design will be transferred on to. Second is a protection for this layer and is a layer of milky brown thin paper that has no use upon the start of use. Then there is a third sheet of carbon purple paper, which is the ink layer. The bottom layer, which is usually yellow is the anchor for the rest of the sheets.


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  • Bruce suggs

    How much is the transfer paper by the sheet and how much for the box !

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