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Element Tattoo Supply and Equipment Each of the equipment used in a tattoo parlor has a unique and defined purpose. Tattoos are all different -In price and purpose and certainly in handling instructions. If you are on the verge of setting up a tattoo business, you have come to the right place. Element Tattoo Supply has all the supplies you need to ensure that your tattoos are as safe as they should be.

Before you get down to business, here is a short description of the must-haves as far as to tattoo equipment and machines are concerned;

You cannot draw a tattoo without the tattoo machine - it is what the artist holds in their one hand while the other holds the wipes or cotton wool they use to dab the skin. This machine comprises a frame and attached pieces, tubes that should be removed and sterilized for each new customer and the needles, which are the tips that curve out the tattoo.

When transferring art from a paper or other medium onto the skin, the tattoo artist holds on to the tubes with their hand. While the tubes are often made from stainless steel, the handgrips are either in the same stainless steel or some form of hard plastic. During the tattooing process, the tubes do not come into contact with the skin of the client, but they will often be contaminated with blood and ink.

Element Tattoo Supply is committed to your success and that is why we have a variety of disposable tubes to ensure that your machines are clean with every customer so that you do not spread blood-borne illnesses through cross-contact of fluids. The size of the tip on the needle being used determines the size of the tubes that will be appropriate for the machine.

Tattoo machines are a shader or a liner, and functions can be from their name. The build of these two machines is however different: the liner has small coils and maintains an upright position when in use while the shader is held mostly at an angle and has larger coils.

The liner machine moves the needles up and down over the skin, making perforations on it and then depositing some ink into the dermis. This machine is best for fine details and lines. The liner machine can hold a minimum of a single needle to an upward of 10.

The shader machine, on the other hand, is best for filling in large skin areas with a single color option.

Element tattoo supply is the home of the best supplies and equipment for tattooing.

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