Disposable Tattoo Tubes

A complete balance between tattoo tube and machine our pro grip disposable tattoo tubes are ergonomically designed to give any tattoo artist the comfort and stability they need to do a stellar tattoo.

With our tough plastic 1 inch rubber grip you will get the feel of using traditional stainless steel tubes from before and much lighter the main difference is our pro grip tattoo tubes are fully disposable , having clear diamond / round tip letting you view the ink flow and tattoo needles location, using the correct tattoo tube and tattoo needle configuration is key to controlling your needle. Worldwide tattoo artist trust and use the element tattoo supply brand in their tattoo shop.

These disposable tattoo tubes weight is approximately 0.82 ounces measuring from tip to back of the tube 4.25 inches made with soft ABS plastics and pre-sterilized these tattoo tubes are available for use once you receive them.

Striving to provide a variety of quality materials that will fulfill every artist’s needs and preferences, we carry a broad range of Element brand tattoo tubes, as well as, Samurai, ProGrip, Primary and Sumo tubes.

Disposable tattoo tubes are ideal for Tattoo artist practicing safe tattooing perfect for tattoo shops expos, traveling artists or artists without access to an Autoclave. Many tattooers even prefer disposable tubes simply for the convenience and ease of setup. Shop Element Tattoo Supplies pre-sterilized tattooing tubes available in different grip sizes and tip styles including diamond, round or flat magnum.

Directions: Remove disposable tattoo tube by pealing the paperback place on sterile tattoo station, insert sterile tattoo needle though the back center opening of plastic tattoo tube, attach tattoo tube and needle combo to the desired tattoo machine, adjust and ready to use