About us

Element Tattoo Supply is a tattoo supply company that manufactures tattoo supplies and equipment. We work closely with many professional tattoo artist with many different styles of tattoo art.

Offering professional tattoo equipment based on their style of tattooing, from using Coils, Pens, and Rotary Tattoo Machines, Basically, we are tattooers offering tattoo supplies to any artist making sure we keep our industry safe.

Known as a staple in the tattoo community, worldwide tattoo artist most trusted professional-grade high-quality tattooing equipment is what we are all about. 

We have always been fascinated with the tattoo lifestyle and the idea that many tattoo artist beginning their career must first off practicing safe tattooing and knowledge of their tattoo supplies.

We love the idea that many talented artists out there that want to express themselves with the art of tattoos.

We take zero shortcuts when it comes to not only safety but quality and customer satisfaction. Our tattoo supplies go through strict safety and quality control before offering to our customers, We provide tattoo artist at every level safe, reliable and high-quality equipment to contribute to the growth and health of the flourishing tattoo industry.

Although we manufacture our own brand of tattoo products, we also carry major branded merchandise.

About Element Tattoo Supply and the owner

There being so much talent in the tattoo industry nowadays, the style and uniqueness of Eddie “Edball” Tana is what makes him stand out amongst the best out there. Born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1974 his parents moved the family to the US in search of a better life. Growing up in Fullerton, California Eddie always had and showed ambition for independence and freedom of expression. Though there was no direct influence in arts from home, at the age of 15 Eddie began to be fascinated by art, particularly street art and tattoos. With tips from older and more experienced tattoo artists Eddie began practicing his artwork and by the age of 18 sold his car to afford his first tattoo kit and begin what would become a gateway to his success, tattooing.

First working on friends, soon enough Eddie was known as the go-to guy for all tattoo styles in Fullerton. In 1994 tattoo artist and friend, Bob Nguyen now owner of Bad Influence Tattoo invited Eddie to join him working in Hollywood, beginning his apprenticeship in Boulevard Tattoo with German native tattoo artist, Uwe (RIP). Working there for 3 years and moving on to Studio City Tattoo for 1 ½ years gave Eddie the advantage of learning from artists such as world renowned Austrian tattoo artist Pogo, Baby Ray (Spotlight Tattoo), independent tattoo artist Nina Depezo, Danny Wild (Tattoo Mania), Randy Howell (Hot Stuff Tattoo), Slick Rick (North Shore Tattoo), Rockwood (Studio City & Big Island Tattoo) and Jonas Westernland, Clay Decker (True Tattoo) would give a few tips as well.

By 1999, he opened his first tattoo shop along with friend Bob Nguyen calling it, “Addictions Tattoo Inc.” in Orange County. By 2003 he left Addictions to open up the world famous and finest tattoo shop in the Southern California area, OC Tattoo Inc. . Obtaining plenty of experience artist and working close with other artist like Arnold Santos (Lefty’s Tattoo San Diego) giving Eddie the opportunity to become a top of the line tattoo artist specializing in Japanese artwork and having a positive impact on his peers and clients. As side his local and loyal clients Eddie has also inked celebrities like Tyrese Gibson (Singer/Actor), John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls frontman), Wilford Brimley (Actor), Kenny Miller (Blood Shot Clothing Inc.), Tyler Evan (Motorcross), Troy Hoff (stuntman), MMA Fighters: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tim “Big Perm” Persey, Nam Phan, Justin Levens (RIP)and Johnny “knee” Dinh. Taking advantage of the opportunity to work in Hiratsuka, Japan as guest artist at “Homies Tattoo” from 2006-2007. Upon his arrival back in OC and realizing the lack of tattoo supplies available through suppliers, Eddie set his sight on becoming the best tattoo supplier in the country and officially opened for business Element Tattoo Supply in June 2008.

Now doing his share in the tattoo industry for over 10yrs, I have been feature artist in magazines such as Inked, Lowrider and many Japanese Magazines, not to mention his OC Tattoo Shop praised as best in OC by OC Weekly. Having overcome many obstacles life has brought, he has achieved all his success and is still the modest and down to earth guy he’s always being. Now Eddie still works out of his OC Tattoo shop (appointment only) and is looking to expand the shop to have a special station only for guest artists and also opening a 2nd tattoo shop in Costa Rica. Though it may seem he’s reached the top, Eddie is aware there’s much more to accomplish, he just hasn’t figured it out yet.

As for OC Tattoo Eddie has done many things not of the norm of tattoo shops around. He sponsors everything to bring his tattoo shops name up from bands like “A Thorn For Every Heart” “beauty School Drop Outs” ” Almost Home” Professional Poker players like “Tim Phan” , Fighters Like “Quinton Rampage Jackson” just to name a few. Eddie is always looking out for new talent and is making his mark in everything he puts his heart to.