About Element Tattoo Supply

Tattoo Artist Owned & Operated

Eddie Tana, CEO

Eddie Tana is a professional tattoo artist and owner of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoos. Located in sunny Orange County, California. 

With a reputation well established in the tattoo industry, Eddie Tana brings a trusted and reliable perspective on what works well to the tattoo supply side of the industry. 

Eddie's knowledge and experience working in the trenches influence his product selection process and customer-focused approach.  

Established for 20+ years in Business

Element Tattoo Supply is a professional tattoo supply company serving professional tattoo artists and enthusiasts for 20 years. 

Tattoo artist-owned and operating proudly in the USA, we manufacture and distribute our exclusive brand of Element Tattoo ink, traditional tattoo needles, tattoo needle cartridges, tattoo tubes, custom tattoo kits, tattoo machines, and a wide range of tattoo shop supplies. 

We are trusted by the tattoo industry for delivering high-quality tattoo products and the best customer service with fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service. 

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10 Color Set Part 1, Radiant Tattoo Ink
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10 Color Set Part 2, Radiant Tattoo Ink