Tattoo Ink Caps - Stable Base

Tattoo Ink Caps - Stable Base

Element Tattoo Supply

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Stable base ink caps have a flat base that keeps the ink caps stable on your tattoo station preventing spills. Plastic and natural in color.

Available only in #16 - Medium and Large

  • 100/500 Pack of tattoo ink caps
  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Element Tattoo Supply
  • Used to hold tattoo ink in place, tattoo ink caps are also called Tattoo ink Cups, 
  • Used to separate tattoo inks from one another, allowing unwanted color changes in color tones. 
  • Tattoo ink caps look like small cups that hold tattoo inks, and yes, used in the tattoo and cosmetic industry. 
  • Tattoo ink caps are vital to every tattoo artist or cosmetic practitioner.
  • Used to hold the tattoo ink in its place separating different colors and shades.
  • Perfect size for larger tattoos that need more amount of tattoo ink.