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TAC Sciences Medical Supply TAC Sciences Tattoo Anesthetic Cream 1oz Numbing Gel

TAC Sciences Tattoo Anesthetic Numbing Cream 1oz

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TAC Sciences tattoo anesthetics numbing cream on your next tattoo. when getting a tattoo done for hours and your tattoo artist asks if you can hang in there for one more hour maybe just the white highlights, Just like many of us that love getting a tattoo but don't care so much about the pain that goes into getting one. The tattoo can be a bit annoying painful when you are getting tattooed in specific areas such as the armpit, rib cage, or even your inner thigh, etc

With TAC Sciences tattoo anesthetics numbing cream can relieve some of the pain from getting a tattoo. TAC allows you to get more of the tattoo done in one session. Simple apply 15 mins before getting your tattoo, next remove the excess cream off on the area you placed the cream, and you are ready to get a tattoo, this cream works best on open wounds,
using this cream will numb the space you have placed it.

They were developed in collaboration with board-certified dermatologists and industry-leading tattoo artists to ensure fast and effective pain relief. Tattoo artist Tested & Approved Shop TAC today for your next tattoo or even future tattoo.

Mix it in your glide of choice allowing you to create your very own numbing cream.

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