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Tattoo Ink Caps Steady Flow

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Tattoo ink caps look like small cups that hold tattoo inks and yes that is exactly what they are used for in the tattoo and cosmetic industry. Tattoo ink caps are so vital to every tattoo artist or cosmetic practitioners supplies, Inkcaps or cups are used to hold in the tattoo inks in its place separating different colors and shades, Steady Flow ink caps has a flat base that keeps the ink caps steady on your tattoo station preventing spills. we carry different size and different styles of tattoo ink caps these steady flow cups which has a larger base than the top allowing it not to fall over during the tattoo process. We also carry standard inkcaps that have been widely used in the tattoo industry for decades. Seem so basic in fact they're one of the most important parts in a tattoo setup we carry different sizes of ink caps from small, medium to large.

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