Black tattoo ink phantom 1oz bottle with a twist top
Phantom black tattoo ink with a twist top off showing the safety seal on top of the bottle of this black TATTOO INK from Element Tattoo Supply
Side view of Black Phantom TATTOO INK by Element Tattoo Supply displaying the 1 ounce and barcode
Element Tattoo Supply's half ounce phantom black TATTOO INK with a twist top on a white background photo of the bottle
Phantom nighthawk black tattoo ink 8 ounce bottle with a twist top on a white background displaying the 8 ounce bottle black twist top with black bottle

Phantom Black, 2x Concentration Black - Element Tattoo Ink

Element Tattoo Supply

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When you need the darkest black tattoo ink...2x concentrated black tattoo ink. 

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Phantom Black is a deep, concentrated black tattoo ink favored by many professional body artists. This tattoo ink color is 2 times more concentrated than our regular tattoo ink

Element Tattoo Inks
Color Name: Phantom Black
Color Comparison: Black Lining and shading
Applications: Outline, lining, shading, solid, color blending, grey wash

MSDS  Material Data Sheet