Pen Tattoo Machine M240 Orange Tattoo Kit

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Pen Tattoo Machine M240 our Tattoo Kit is designed for outlining and shading and includes everything you would need to start tattooing. Our Pen Tattoo Machine M240 kit comes with Element Tattoo Supplies and can be used immediately out of the box.  This kit comes with the main components you would need to start tattooing.


  • (1) Pen Tattoo Machine M240 - Orange
  • (1) RCA Cord- Connect power to Pen Tattoo Machine M240
  • (1) True Blue Power Supply power up your tattoo machine
  • (1) Foot Pedal this is the on and off switch for your machine.
  • (50) Ink Caps - Element Tattoo Supply clear tattoo ink caps
  • (10) Grommets - Helps keep the needle in place at the eye of the needle to the armature bar.
  • (2) Practice skin to learn how to tattoo
  • (2) Sheets of tattoo transfer thermal used to transfer your tattoo design to skin
  • (4) A&D Ointment used for glide during the tattoo process
  • (2) Cohesive wraps to cover your tattoo pen machine adds grip to your machine when holding during a tattoo
  • (20) Blue clip cord covers designed to cover your tattoo RCA cord that connects your tattoo machine to the power supply yet adds protection to your pen tattoo machine 
  • (2) Rolls of medical tape used to tape down your bib and tape up your tattoo once complete
  • (1) 8oz Bottle of Green Soap used to wash off your tattoo during the process
  • (2) Black bibs used for laying out for your tattoo set up
  • (1) 1oz Bottle of Stick Tattoo Transfer Lotion
  • (1) 1oz Element Professional Grade Black Ink Lining used to create solid outlines
  • (1) 1oz Element Professional Grade Gray Wash Ink Shading used for blending your tattoo colors if you need to but works great for black and gray tattoos
  • (1) X15 Eyeloupe to check your tattoo needles if they a barbed or bent
  • (30 Assorted cartridge tattoo needles lines and shaders
  • (20) Gloves * Important please add the size of gloves in the note section when checking out. If no size is indicated a random size will be placed in the kit. 
  • (1) Pro cup used during the tattoo process to clean out your colors from your tattoo cartridge tube during a tattoo 
  • (1) Skin Scribe Marker used for placement of the tattoo to help you out or used to freehand designs to the skin