Pen Tattoo Machine M240 Bullet Purple

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This Pen M240 Bullet tattoo machine kit is designed for outlining and shading any tattoo, everything you would need to start tattooing with professional Element Tattoo Supplies, tattoo kit for any tattoo artist looking to try using pen style tattoo machines and cartridge system tattoo needles.

This Tattoo Kit Includes:

1) Pen Tattoo Machine - Sniper Tattoo Machine

1) RCA Cord - Slim ultra Light connect to tattoo machine to power unit.

1) Square Foot Pedal turn the power on and off with this tattoo foot-switch.

1) Power Supply -True Blue power up your pen style tattoo machine.

Cartridge Liner Tattoo Needles:

20) Assorted Outlining Cartridge Needles

Cartridge Shading Tattoo Needles:

20) Assorted Shading Cartridge Needles


5) Sheets of thermal transfer paper draw your design right onto this thermal transfer paper to create the perfect outline.

1) 1oz Stick It Gel for transferring your thermal transfer paper to skin.

1) 8 oz Pre-mixed green soap used to clean the tattooed area.

2) Tattoo practice skin practice tattoos with practice skin.

2) Rolls of cohesive wraps used to wrap the tattoo machine for comfort.

1) 12 set of Element Tattoo Inks *made in the USA

Colors: Bright Red, Mint Green, Yellow, Habanero Orange, Pink Sherbert, Eggplant Purple, White, Mystic Blue, Grizzly Brown, Green, Apricot Orange, Blue

1) 1oz Liner Ink get super black lines with this black tattoo ink.

1) 1oz Shading Ink making your tattoo come to life.

150) Assorted Ink Caps keep your ink all in one place with these tattoo ink cups.

Medical Supplies:

20) Pairs of gloves *NOTE* Please let us know what size gloves you wear after your purchase

20) Pack Clip Cord Covers

20) Bottle Covers

2) Pro Cups

1) Nalgene bottle

4) A&D Ointment Packets