Montgomery Family Colors June Bug Tattoo Ink

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Montgomery Family Colors 
Color Name: June Bug
Color Comparison: Light Brown
Size: 2oz Bottle

Revolutionary new tattoo inks from John Montgomery! Montgomery Family Colors Pigments are Acrylic-free and Solvent-free which prevents the ink from drying up and Body friendly. Available only in 2oz bottles only

John Montgomery is the co-founder and owner of Alla Prima Ink LLC. And the owner of The Grand Tattoo Lodge of Redland ca. 2012 national tattoo association's nicest studio.

As co-founder of Alla Prima Ink, John has set safety standards and started trends that have changed the entire tattoo industry. Masterminding and creating the first color ink sets and blood, zombie and portrait colors.

With his commitment to safety and quality, John has become an expert in the field of tattoo pigments and advises many international associations and safely nonprofits including the apt and ptaa.

As an artist, John has been tattooing for just under 20 years. He has achieved awards from around the world for the quality of his work and diversity of styles. He was also awarded NTA's Tattooist of the year in 2013 and the professional tattooer's Association of Australia's appreciation award the same year.

Because of John's experience in both the art and manufacturing side of the tattoo industry, John consults for companies looking to service the industry in a positive and safe manner. Currently, John is on the advisory board of Innovative Tattoo Solutions, who has introduced a bio gel solution to cover and help heal tattoos, called "SKINLOCK".

John also is a member and officer of his local Masonic lodge, Redlands lodge #300 f&am and other masonic bodies.