Magnum Tip Sumo Tattoo Tubes

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Disposable tattoo tubes Sumo is designed with a grip that is larger than standard 1 inch. With a grip size at 1 1/2 Inches, the Sumo disposable tubes prove themselves to be more comfortable to use for long tattoo sessions. Balancing out the tattoo machine with this Sumo tattoo tube can be vital to some tattoo artist with larger hands.

Sumo magnum tattoo tubes are compatible with all major brands of tattoo needles on the market today that use the style of the tube and needle. Our disposable tubes have been designed to assure safe tattooing throughout the industry, our main concern and priority is the safe tattooing for not just tattoo artist and their clients but for this tattoo industry of ours that we care and love!

Not just the art but to be a professional sterile tattoo art. As a professional, it is your job to be clean, sanitary, and safe. Being comfortable during the tattoo process allows the tattoo artist to create their best art. With our ergonomic tube design, you will get the most maximum comfort during long tattooing sessions, 1.5-inch grip size and (ABS) soft rubber, you can feel the difference when working with our tubes.

The clear (8mm) 0.31-inch shaft or barrel is allowing any tattoo artist to see clearly and know exactly where their needle and inks are performing to the stencil or skin design. Trust in Element Tattoo Supply to provide the knowledge, professional tattoo supplies, equipment and knowledge for today's upcoming and the professional tattoo artist as I Eddie Tana am a professional tattooer at heart.

Available in a round tip, diamond tip, or Magnum shading tip find the Sumo disposable tattoo tubes are designed to be used by a left-handed or right-handed tattoo artist with equal ease. 1.5 inch Magnum Sumo Tip Disposable Tattoo Tube - Can be used with any standard coil tattoo machine and most rotary machines. Lighter in weight compared to metal tubes, Sumo tubes are easier on your hands, especially during longer tattooing sessions.

  • Each tattoo tube has been sealed pre-sterilized with (ethylene oxide) E.O. gases and each packaged in its own blister pack, printed brand, grip size, tip style, and expiration date. Ergonomic non-slip round 1.5-inch diameter black soft rubber grip with strong plastic shaft / Barrel ( 8 mm) and clear tip allowing you to see the needle as a guide ensuring full control and performance. Sterilized for single use only 100% Disposable Tattoo Tubes.

  • Sumo Tubes are compatible with all major brands of needles on the market.