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Horipenis Stencil Horipenis Skin Markers 7 Pack

Horipenis Skin Markers 7 Pack

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Pack of 7 Horipenis Professional Tattoo Stencil Markers. Horipenis professional tattoo stencil skin scribe markers are designed for freehand tattooing or referencing specific parts of a tattoo. Have you ever try to draw on the skin for a freehand tattoo and after a while, your purple stencil marker starts to disappear off the skin?

Horipenis stencil scribe tattoo marker allows the tattoo artist to be able to draw their tattoo design on the skin, not having to think about that anymore. With dual tips thick and thin, this tattoo stencil skin scribe marker will allow you to do thin lines for details and thick bold lines for bold lines.

The versatility matches no other tattoo skin scribe stencil marker on the market today with 80% of the purple ink staying on the client's skin during the tattoo process even after continuous wiping of the surface. If you have a pre-drawing that you used with lighter colors for references draw right over pre-drawing, this pen allows you to hardline your art with solid purple you will be able to see what you are doing during a tattoo.

Perfect for finalizing the outlines for that perfect freehand tattoo you are going to do This marker can be used for piercing placement, simple dot on earlobes

How to use this product:
Before the use of this skin scribe, tattoo stencil marker be sure to clean the area that is going to draw onto let dry for approximately 10 mins when completely dry pre-wipe to get excess off the skin by wiping the treated area with a dry paper towel some excess purple ink may come off on to the paper towel. And you are ready to tattoo.