Green Soap 4oz. (Ready-to-Use Bottle)

Green Soap 4oz. (Ready-to-Use Bottle)

Element Tattoo Supply

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Tattoo Green Soap

The Original Tattoo Shop Cleaner

A must have item for all tattoo artist. Element Tattoo Supply provides green soap in the this convenient bottle.

Green soap is the defacto cleaning agent used by professional tattoo artist because of its powerful ability to remove germs and bacteria from the skin. It is used in all three stages of the tattoo process. Green soap is an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and oil-based vegetable soap.

  • Before - Green Soap is used to sanitize skin.
  • During - Green Soap is used during the tattoo process to reduce germ and remove ink and skin pigmentation.
  • After - Green Soap is used to clean and assist in healing the tattoo area.

Because green soap is noncorrosive, it can also be used to safely soak equipment to loosen dried debris before cleaning and sterilization

This product is already mixed and ready to be used.

  • 4 oz bottle.
  • Pre-mixed, read ready to use.
  • No need for separate Nalgene bottle.  
  • Hospital-grade
  • Very convenient to use