Eternal Tattoo Ink 5 Stages Gray Wash Set

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Gray wash tattoo ink allows the simplicity of keeping the tattoo color consistent throughout the tattoo design, Worldwide tattoo artist choose to use pre-made gray wash tattoo ink for many of their tattoos even with color

This Eternal Tattoo Ink 5 is a must for any black and gray artist, no more wondering how dark or light that new piece is going to heal, with these consistent shades of gray your tattoos will improve substantially.

Easy to use tattoo ink helps an artist to be more comfortable in doing color tattoos.

Direction: Shake before using.
Optional: Skin Patch testing
Note: All of the Eternal Tattoo Inks are safe to use is free of animal by-products and are vegan.

(Important Note*) please contact Element Tattoo Supply if Seal is broken upon receiving the tattoo ink bottle.

Eternal tattoo ink features:

  • Color: Eternal Tattoo Ink 5 Stages Gray Wash Set
  • Brand: Eternal Tattoo Inks
  • Size: 1 oz Bottle
  • Sealed bottle to ensure the safety of tattoo ink
  • Color can be mixed with any other colors of Eternal Inks
  • Lot Number: Printed
  • Expiration Date: Printed
  • Packaging; Sealed twist top
  • Vegan: Yes