tattoo kit pen tattoo Machine with Element inks white yellow blue black red tattoo green so cohesive wraps tattoo cartridge needle
Guardian glide Element Tattoo eggs white yellow blue black red cartridge tattoo needles green soap cohesive wraps Sensi wraps in this tattoo kit
Wireless pen tattoo machine color gray tattoo needle cartridges
Tattoo Machine pen color black Ep 7 tattoo needles cartridge

EP7+ GT Luxury Kit, Wireless & RCA Pen 3.5mm - Tattoo Kit

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Complete Tattoo Kit. Everything you need to get started with the EP7+ Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine. No fluff!

Tattoo Kit Includes:

Tattoo Machine

  • (1) EP7+ Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine 3.5 mm stroke
  • (1) Sensi-wrap Tattoo Machine Grip Wrap, Pack of 3

Tattoo Ink

  • (1) Primary Color Tattoo Ink Set, 1 oz. (Red / Yellow / Blue
  • (1) Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink, 1 oz.
  • (1) Element White Tattoo Ink, 1 oz.

Tattoo Hygiene & Tattoo Supplies

  • (1) Element Green Soap Foam, 100ml
  • (1) Guardian Tattoo Glide
  • (1) Element Steady-flow No-spill, Tattoo Ink Caps, Medium, Pack of 100

Tattoo Needle Cartridges
(50 total of the most common groupings of Needles Cartridges)

Primary Round Liner, Tattoo Needle Cartridges

  • (1) 5-Pack 1 Round Liner (1RL) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 3 Round Liner (3RL) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 5 Round Liner (5RL) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 7 Round Liner (7RL) - Needle Cartridge

Primary Round Shader, Tattoo Needle Cartridges

  • (1) 5-Pack 3 Round Shader (3RS) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 5 Round Shader (5RS) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 7 Round Shader (7RS) - Needle Cartridge

Primary Curved Magnum, Tattoo Needle Cartridges

  • (1) 5-Pack 5 Curved Mag Shading Needles (5CM) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 7 Curved Mag Shading Needles (7CM) - Needle Cartridge
  • (1) 5-Pack 9 Curved Mag Shading Needles (9CM) - Needle Cartridge

Check out the EP7+ Artwork Showcase page to see the amazing artwork done with the EP7+ pen tattoo machine.

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