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Element Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink 8oz

8oz Element Inks Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink

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Element Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink 8 oz Bottle

Night Hawk black tattoo inks designed for tattoo artist looking to get that deep dark solid lines or filling in tattoos, world-famous tattoo artist worldwide tattoo with Element Inks nighthawk black

Element Nighthawk Black tattoo ink can be used for clean outlines shading and even water it down for some soft powder shading for all your tattooing needs
Many professional tattoo artists trust and use this tattoo ink for their tattoo shops around the world. Made in California USA our tattoo inks are safe to use for any skin type.

Element Tattoo Inks
Color Name: Nighthawk Black
Color Comparision: Black Lining
Size: 8 oz Bottle
Applications: Outline, lining, shading, solid, color blending, grey wash

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