Disposable Medical Station Covers Bundle

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Medical Drapes, Bibs, and Barrier Film

Every tattoo artist needs to practice being safe and sterile when doing any type tattoos, with Disposable Medical Station Covers Bundle Medical drapes for a tattoo artist you get what you need to cover your equipment, Bibs, and Saftey Covers use for preventing Cross-contamination is the most essential part of being a tattoo artist. Keeping your tattoo station clear of blood, and dry inks, you must cover everything that your hands will be touching ensures you and your client safety. Medical drapes and bibs and barrier film can cover your tattoo station.

(1) 50-Pack Medical Bibs - 13"X18" - Use to tuck into your customer shirt to prevent the ink from getting onto the T-shirt
(1) 10-Pack Disposable Medical Drapes - 40" x 90 - cover your tattoo bed for the client
(1) Unipack Barrier Film 4 x 6 - Cover your phone.