BRONC Digital Tattoo Power Supply

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Digital tattoo power supply for any tattoo machine, Used by tattooing professionals around the world, 
Professional tattoo power supply with LCD touch-screen digital for tattoo machines this is perfect for any tattoo station, tattoo artist, tattoo shop, and even use for a back tattoo supply Powering all types of tattoo machine from rotary tattoo machines, coil tattoo machines, pen-style tattoo machines.

With this digital power supply, you are able to run any tattoo machine with consistent power allowing you to create rad awesome clean tattoos from color to black and gray tattooing.

With the easy toggle button, you can create your own preset settings with memory mode to save your settings, USA standard power plug, a standard adapter that connects the power supply and a DC-19 v plug to the unit. With an easy toggle button, you can create your own preset settings and save it in the memory mode.

This tattoo power supply also has a timer built-in so if you tattoo by the hour you will lose out on time and money.



Front Button Plate:
  • On/Off Switch Button - For tattoo machine 
  • Timer Button - Timer on/off
  • Preset Button - Preset modes
  • Volts Up - Increases the volts and amps to the tattoo machine
  • Volts Down - Decreases the volts and amps to the tattoo machine
  • Power Button - turning on and of the power unit




    • Timer
    • Foot Switch Active
    • Speed and Duty
    • Amps
    • Volts
    • L/S Button Liner / Shader Setting
    • 1) Digital Tattoo Power Supply
    • 1 Power Source
    • 1 Stand / Mount
    • 1 Set of Magnets 
    • 1 set of mini suction cups



    Use standard adapter connect to the power supply through the “DC/19" socket.

    Easy one-button toggle Liner / Shader presets with memory modes. Momentary (conventional) or Maintained (push on push off) footswitch modes. 

    Input voltage:
    90V-240V, AC50/60Hz. Output Voltage: 3-18v. Output Power: 0.3-68W. Output Current: 0-3A, accuracy ± 0.1 A. Output current overload protection. Operating Temperature: 5 ~ +45 .

    Instruction for Use:

    Switch ON/OFF and START/STOP functions
    1. When plugged into the power supply, press “POWER BUTTON" for 1 second to switch on, or another 3 seconds to switch off.
    2.5 seconds press on the foot pedal to switch on when switching on, touch "POWER BUTTON" to start/stop the power.

    Adjust the output voltage
    when switched on, touch "VOLTS+" "VOLTS-" to adjust the voltage output

    L/S - Liner / Shader & Foot Pedal
    1. When switched on, touch "L/S BUTTON" switch to L/S model, when switch to L model, L be lighted, switch to model S will be lighted.
    2.when switched on, press "L/S BUTTON" for 3 seconds to change the foot pedal model.
    3. This machine offers two kinds of foot pedal mood, one is continuous output mood, another is inching output mood.



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