Carbonite Nitrile Gloves

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The Nitrile counterpart to the Black Pearl Latex gloves; Carbonite HD Nitrile offers an excellent latex-free black glove that is soft and flexible enough to closely simulate the fit and feel of latex. Black gloves are great for any application where it is important to identify a light-colored substance or mask the presence of a dark-colored substance, like blood. As latex apprehension rises, Black Nitrile is quickly becoming the industry standard for a tattoo, body art, law enforcement, and EMS.
  • Finger-Tip finish provides excellent grip when handling wet or dry equipment
  • Powder-free minimizes the risk of developing powder related allergies
  • Solid BLACK coloring making them perfect for many applications
  • Size Available: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • 100 pcs per box