Black Pearl Gloves

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Black Pearl Latex Gloves

Try on a pair of our black textured salon gloves, and enjoy a form-fit that won't slip. Our medium gloves ensure a steady, sure-handed grip that allows tattoo and body piercing artists to work with remarkable precision. Each of these disposable, ambidextrous tattoo gloves is crafted from thick plastic to minimalize the risk of inopportune rips.

Latex can often leave behind unpleasant odors, but our gloves are made from high-quality, powder-free material that keeps unwanted scents from clinging to your hands. The gloves jet black color is perfect for absorbing errant ink stains and hiding blotches.

When you wear our black latex gloves, your customers will be in good hands. You can rely on the long-lasting, flexible latex material. We offer the best value on tattooing gloves online get 100 gloves for under $10! Order today!