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Black Cohesive Tattoo Grip Cover Wrap 3 Inch - Element Tattoo Supply

Black Cohesive Tattoo Grip Cover Wrap 3 Inch

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With many professional tattoo artist out there with many different hand sizes not only does this give you comfort when holding a tattoo machine but also makes your tattoo machine grips thicker diameter, you may use this Cohesive wrap is a self-adhering wrap that sticks to itself but not to the skin, hair or dressings. Cohesive is great for use to wrap tattoo grips for comfort. This self-adhering wrap is porous, lightweight and comfortable to wear, which encourages clients to keep their dressings on longer. You can easily wrap any type of grips and offers a non-slip handle.

Black 3"x2.2" (3"x5 yards stretched)
Individually wrapped and drakes self Adherent
Product Code: MS-3213-1 / MS-3213-3