Bemis Sharps Container - 2 Gallon

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Bemis Sharps Containers are convenient, easy and safe to dispose of contaminated tattoo needles, Body Piercing Needles, bio-hazardous items, and other harmful miscellaneous medical supplies. Every tattoo artist must have a bio-hazard container available to dispose of their used tattoo needles

2 Gallon Red Multi-Purpose Sharps Container with Slide Lid 

Designed to protect patients and healthcare professionals. After using a needle, simply dispose of it in this container to prevent injuries. The extra-wide horizontal slot is ideal for larger syringes. To maximize container use, drop the syringes horizontally. Once the sharps container is full, the lid can lock for final disposal per your facility's procedures. 

In addition, when these containers are not in use they are nestable to save you valuable storage space. When you need a new disposal container, they are simple and easy to assemble.

2 Gallon Red Multi-Purpose Sharps Container with Slide Lid Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Built-in handles for easy transport
  • Nestable to Save Storage Space
  • Lid Locks for Final Disposal
  • Wide Slot is Ideal for Cartridge Tattoo Needles