Alla Prima 3,5,7, Shading Tattoo Ink

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Alla Prima 357 Tattoo Ink Gray wash set of three for shading is made to help you bring your designs to life. This three-shade 3-light, 5-medium, 7-dark ink set is used to detailed body ink designs let you create the perfect foundation for all your designs and can also be used to create standalone pieces. Alla Prima 357 Tattoo Ink Gray wash set of three (3) 2 oz bottles allows the tattoo artist to us strong contrast between light and dark, usually bold contrast highlighting the tattoo, This gray wash shading ink set allows the artist to create contrast of light to achieves a sense of volume in your tattoo creating a 3d effect making your tattoo life like when used correctly.


  • Color: 3-Light Gray
  • Color: 5-Medium Gray
  • Color: 7-Dark Gray
  • Bottle: 2oz
  • Included in the set: 3 Bottles

Product Code: INK-AP-357