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Element Tattoo Supply Pro Grip Disposable Tubes 7FT Flat Mag Tip Pro Grip Tattoo Tubes Box of 20

7FT Flat Mag Shader TIp Disposable Tattoo Tubes Box of 20

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7FT Straight Magnum Disposable Tubes Box of 20

Flat Shader Tube Tattoo Tip - For creating a clear, thin, and straight-line diamond tip is perfect to go with. Specifically, the V in a diamond tip suppresses it from tottering around by cradling the needle. And this is why a diamond tattoo tip is a perfect art tool to pick by professional tattooers.


  • Grip Size: 1 inch
  • Black Textured Rubber Grip
  • Box of 20 Disposable Tubes
  • Barrel Color: Clear
  • Grip Color: Black
  • Disposable Tattoo Tubes
  • Needle Style: Needle on bar
  • Compatible Tattoo Machine: Coil, Rotary Machines
  • Brand: Pro Grip Disposable Tattoo Tubes