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1RL Tattoo Needles Low Profile Round Tight

1RL Tattoo Needles Low Profile Round Tight

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Original Low Profile Tattoo Needles by Eddie Tana. The Round Loose Shading needles are stiffer, which prevents the needle from curling or flexing. Another benefit of having a stiffer magnum needle is that the tattoo ink will go in easier delivering solid color and a smoother gradient. Low profile tattoo needles are not just your average tattoo needle #12 0.35mm on the market these low profile tattooing needles are soldered lower than the ordinary tattoo needle to ensure stability and stiffness when trying to achieve a solid color tattoo or any type of tattoo body art you can also achieve soft shading as-well Solid color. Developed for professional tattoo artist looking for quality Pre-made tattoo needles, these are ideal for packing color or black and gray tattoos. Each tattoo needle is precisely formulated to make your tattooing experience simple to the tee and will bring your tattooing to its maximum brilliance and clarity of the individual artist no matter what tattoo inks you ch1oose, Eddie Tana has created an easy-to-use tattoo needle that will make your life of tattooing a breeze, the pigment goes on the skin like butter.

Don't let barb or dull tattoo needles get in the way of your passion for tattooing it is already stressful concentrating on the design, A hook in the needle (barbed) can really tear up the skin and ruin the whole tattoo by not healing up correctly, did you know that 27 percent of the needles on the market today are not truly sharp as they advertise, nowadays everyone thinks that beautiful packaging design make to needles but in fact it like dressing up like professional athlete does not make you a professional athletic, Element Tattoo Supply we only concentrate on quality tattoo needles so the tattoo artist using them does not have to. How do we know? We have not only sponsored worldwide tattoo artist using and trusted our products but we have been selling the best tattoo needles on the market since 2004. The same style needles the same great results. Our needles or not made of 316 steel but with a better quality steel 304 #12 0.35 in diameter.

LOW PROFILE Pre-Sterilized Tattoo Needles

Needle Style: Needle on bar

Grouping:  Single Needle

QTY: Box of 50

Product Code: TN-2001

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