The Solution, TATTOO Anesthetic spray

The Solution was created and professionally manufactured to help artists showcase their work as well as to keep their clients comfortable. Not only is The Solution a powerful anesthetic but it also is amazing at removing redness.

The Solution contains the active ingredients (Drugs) 5% Lidocaine HCL (Local Anesthetic) and .01% Epinephrine HCL (Vasoconstrictor). The lidocaine helps with pain relief, and the Epinephrine eliminates the redness/inflammation so artists can properly show off their work.

What makes The Solution stand out is the Inactive Ingredients.

• Sulfate Free

• Paraben Free

• Cruelty-Free

• Vegan

• No Animal Derivative

• No Mineral Oil

• No Petrolatum

• No Formaldehyde Donors

Detailed Usage Instructions

For best results, follow these instructions:

1. After you have put a couple of hours into the tattoo or once your pre-numbing cream has begun to wear off, cover the tattoo area with a couple of sprays of the Solution. Typically, this is your first break from the tattoo session.

2. Wrap the sprayed tattooed area in plastic (saran wrap) so the body heat can activate the solution for better absorption.

3. Take your break or let it stand for 5 minutes.

4. Upon returning from your break or after 5 minutes remove the plastic (saran wrap) and restart the tattoo session. Your client will be comfortable at this point.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. The Solution is most effective on open skin. If you want to provide pre-session numbing, then it is recommended to use a hot compress to open pores or a Derma roller to exfoliate and open skin.
  2. It is safe to continuously apply the Solution throughout the tattoo session.
  3. The more open skin the better the absorption.
  4. The numbing is good for 1-2 hours and can be used multiple times.
  5. The recommended application is 4 times per session, so good for sessions lasting from 4-8 hours (depending on the client).
  6. After the tattoo is complete, the solution can be applied to remove all redness and inflammation for a great reveal.
  7. The Solution contains great natural actives that aid in the healing process.
  8. 8The Solution supports ink retention and will not fade out the ink.

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The Solution Topical Anesthetic
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The Solution Topical Anesthetic