Tattoo Tubes, Tips, and Grips

Element Tattoo Supply makes it our priority to ensure that artists, whether they are freelance or part of a larger studio, are equipped with the proper tools to ensure the safety of themselves and their clients. At the end of the day, the artistry behind any customer’s new piece is the goal, and our disposable tubes, tips, and grips are important parts of that process. The better the quality of your tools, the easier it is to get the job done and focus on the art at hand. Shop Element Tattoo Supply today to make sure that you are getting the right disposable tubes, tips, and grips for your next piece. Contact our experienced team with any questions that you may have about our products!
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One of the hardest parts about the process of tattooing is making sure that both the client and the artist are comfortable throughout the entirety of the process. For many people, a fear of needles, nervousness about the pain involved in the work, and the reality that they are permanently committing to putting a piece of art onto their body can lead to some tension. The client’s nerves can lead to tension, which in turn can cause the artist to become tense and potentially affect the quality of the overall work.

Working with the right set of disposable tubes, tips, and grips help to make sure that the process is as efficient as possible so that both the artist and client are more at ease while the tattoo is being drawn.


Dealing with needles and tubes can lead to a lot of anxiety about contamination and safety between different clients and the tattoo artist themselves. Sanitary conditions and tools are of the utmost importance in order to assure that each person that sits down in the chair to get some ink work done is not at risk for sickness or injury.

The Pro Grip Tattoo Tubes come in packs of 20 that are each individually wrapped and marked with the tube size, brand, style, and expiration date, so the artist can ensure that cross contamination is not taking place. They also have the added benefit of allowing for the artist to move smoothly and help mitigate the risk of slipping up while working on a piece.

Improving Precision Through Grip

During extended sessions with a client, the tattoo artist’s level of control over the gun becomes more and more important. When you get down to smaller details and finer lines, it is crucial that you are able to maintain full and consistent control over the gun so that each line comes out just how you want it.

A larger grip like that of the Disposable Tattoo Tube with Sumo 1.5" Grip makes it easier to offset the weight of the gun, which allows for the artist to maintain a better grasp and visual on the fine lines that they are drawing. It is also more comfortable over the course of longer sessions, which means that the artist’s hands are able to maintain precision work for extended periods of time. This makes the entire process flow easier so that the final piece turns out looking better.

Quality Equipment

With a process that is as detail oriented as tattooing, the right equipment makes all of the difference in the world. The artist certainly doesn’t want to be working with ineffective equipment, and the client wants to be sure that they are being worked on using the best elements possible, from the ink itself to the tubes and tips that are the delivery mechanism.

Element Tattoo Supply provides its customers with effective, efficient, and varied products for artists of all kinds. We want to help ensure that the client receives the work that they paid for from artists that are properly prepared to do their best work. We have supplies to suit whatever the artist’s needs may be, so shop our store today!

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When dealing with tattoo artistry, you’re working with pieces that will be on your clients' bodies for the rest of their lives. It is important to make sure that you are using the best possible tools so that your clients’ safety is taken into consideration and they end up with a piece of art that they are happy with having with them forever. We also want to make sure that artists have the opportunity to purchase safe, reliable, and affordable tattoo equipment so that they can provide clients with the best version of their work possible.

Element Tattoo Supply stands by its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you need disposable tattoo tubes, tattoo tips, or grips, check out or selection today and find what works best for your needs. Contact our team with any questions that you may have!