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Are you looking for high-quality tattoo power supplies to power your tattoo art ability? If you’re a tattoo artist or you work in a tattoo shop on the West Coast, it’s time to start ordering your tattoo power supplies from Element Tattoo Supply. Our products are made by tattoo artists for tattoo artists using the highest quality materials, offering durability and dependability that you can rely on. Powering your tattoo gun is an essential piece of running a successful tattoo shop, so it’s important to choose power supplies that will last through each and every piece of tattoo art. Keep reading to learn more about the power supply units and other tattoo supplies we offer at Element Tattoo Supply, and order everything you need online today!

Types of Power Supply Units

When it comes to tattoo power supplies, there are two main types of units that you’ll need to choose from — digital and analog. Each type of power supply has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand which type will work best for your tattooing needs.

Analog is great if you know how to read electrical values, as it can provide a steady reading output to your tattoo machines.

A digital power supply offers more accurate power and voltage and gives you the ability to check your power and voltage settings while the machine is powered off.

Understanding Voltage

When it comes to tattooing, the voltage you use with your power supply is incredibly important. Too much voltage can damage your tattoo machine and scalp, while too little voltage will cause your tattoo gun to run slowly and could affect the outcome of your tattoo. A power supply with a higher voltage can even power two tattoo guns at a time. Element Tattoo Supply carries power supplies with voltages ranging from 3 volts to 18 volts, so you can find the perfect power supply for your tattooing needs.

4 Words to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Power Supply

As you're shopping for tattoo power supplies for your tattoo gun or shop along the West Coast, we have a few words for you to keep in mind during your search.

Can You Use Any Power Supply?

As a tattoo artist, you may be wondering if you can use any power supply with your tattoo machine. The answer is yes! However, it's important to make sure that the power supply you choose is compatible with the voltage of your tattoo machine. If you're unsure whether or not your power supply is compatible with your tattoo gun, contact our team at Element Tattoo Supply and we'll be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

Wireless Power Supplies

Looking for a power supply that doesn't require any cords? Element Tattoo Supply offers a variety of wireless power supplies, including our Element RCA Battery Pack Wireless Tattoo Power Supply, which is perfect for tattoo artists on the go. Wireless power supplies allow you to tattoo anywhere without having to worry about finding an outlet, and they're also great for tattooing large areas that would be difficult to reach with a traditional power supply cord.

How Does Your Power Supply Work?

If you're curious about how your tattoo power supply works, we've got you covered. Every tattoo power supply unit uses a direct current (DC) to power your tattoo machine. This direct current moves in one direction and is measured in volts. The amount of voltage your power supply provides will determine how powerful your tattoo gun is.

In addition to voltage, tattoo power supplies also measure amperage. This is the amount of electricity that flows through your tattoo machine. The higher the amperage of your power supply, the faster your tattoo gun will run.

Finally, tattoo power supplies also have a duty cycle. This is the amount of time spent actively powering your tattoo machine. The higher the duty cycle of your power supply, the longer it will run before needing to be recharged.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Power Supply

When it comes to tattooing, it's important to choose the right tattoo power supply for your needs. Consider everything from how many tattoo machines you'll be connecting to your power supply, to what kind of tattoo art you'll be designing and working on. For example, the most common voltage to use for line work is between 7.5 to 7.8 volts, while for shading, you'll want a voltage that is anywhere between 8 to 10 volts. At Element Tattoo Supply, we can answer any questions that you may have about finding the right tattoo power supply, reach out to us today!

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