Tattoo Needles

In tattooing, it is widely agreed that the needle is the single most important part of an artist’s tools. For advanced tattooing, different sizes and types of needles help create different visual elements on the skin, whereas, for beginners, stick and poke is an easy way to develop a steady hand. This wide variety of needles all have different purposes, and Element Tattoo Supply is sure to have everything you need.

No matter your knowledge or level of expertise, every tattoo artist should be diligent about using only the highest quality needles for their clients and ensure proper hygiene. Element Tattoo Supply has everything you need to stock your repertoire; from needles and tattoo kits to aftercare and cleaning supplies. For experienced artists, much of the information you will find on this page may be old news, and if you know what you are looking for, shop our collection now.

On this page, you will find the different variations of tattoo needles and needle cartridges available from Element Tattoo and how to pick the perfect tools for your artistic expression.

Find Your Grouping Style

Different needles and groupings apply to varying techniques, and finding out what needle configurations work best for your style is a matter of trial and error. Effectively, needle grouping refers to the size of the marks made while tattooing, and choosing the correct needles depends on whether you are doing work on a smaller or larger scale.

Not only does the scale of the work affect the needles that are called for, but the type of artistic element (i.e. shading, blending, color packing) influences proper needle selection as well. Proper combinations of a machine, needle grouping, and needle type will yield the best results for your clients.

Needle Types and Uses

You might be wondering what type of tattoo needles are right for you. Whether you are just stepping into the world of tattoo artistry or are an experienced artist looking to expand your skillset, the options can seem daunting. We're going to take a look at some technical aspects and examples so that you know which one is best suited depending on your project needs.

Needle Types


Optimal # of Needles

Small: 5

Medium: 7-11

Large: 11-17

Key Features

Two rows of needles spread out. For light shading and portraits use 7-11 needles. Curved magnums have a slight arc to protect the skin.

Round Shaders

Optimal # of Needles

7-9 needles

Key Features

Can be used for large sessions as it creates thick lines; 7-9 needles could be used for shading. These are not ideal for color packing.

Round Liners

Optimal # of Needles

Small: 1-5

Medium: 7-9

Large: 13

Key Features

These are grouped in a circle or a tight cluster. Used to create bold outlines.

The Low Profile Collection

The Element team has always been on the cutting edge of tattooing trends, but we noticed an even more crucial need for high-quality supplies in today’s industry. We worked hard to design these new custom needle styles with short soldering which creates an overall stiffer needle. Element Tattoo Supply has created a new range of tattooing needles that are perfect for the traditionalist. Old school tattooing is synonymous with exceptional line work, and our LowPro needles were designed specifically to enhance an artist’s detailed lining ability.

Quality traditional tattoo needles should be able to shade flawlessly and easily. This is why our range of LowPro needles are created with “one pass” technology ensuring smooth and pigmented shading. Opt for loose round shaders for shading small spaces and our traditional magnums to shade larger areas. Our needle design ensures solid color fills and an overall smoother gradient.

If you specialize in more classic and traditional styles of tattooing artistry or are looking for a stiffer, more original type of needle, shop Eddie Tana’s Pre-Made Low Profile tattoo needles.

Needle Cartridges

Cartridges are basic needle/tube tattooing setups that are disposable. Needles are always stable so cartridges offer greater stability and consistency. You will always have a nice clean setup because the needles and tips are disposed of, and needles and setups can be changed quickly and easily.

Element Tattoo needle cartridges are specially designed to prevent ink and pigment leakage while protecting the tube and tattoo machine. They are designed with semi-transparent tips that make it easy to observe the needle strike-point and give your clients flawless tattoos. Our combination of high-quality surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic gives you a durable cartridge free from concerns about damage or breaking.

Bundles and Accessories

These needle bundles are designed to make finding the perfect selection of needles a breeze. If you're a tattoo artist looking for the perfect needle and grouping, look no further than our selection of bundles. Our bundles come with an assortment of different types and sizes, so you can be sure that all your bases are covered when exploring Element Tattoo Supply.

Our shop consists of an outstanding variety and inventory of tattoo supplies to fulfill any need on an artist’s list. Element Tattoo Supply carries accessories for perfecting your craft, machines, and supplies to improve your shop, or inks and aftercare solutions to provide a flawless tattoo.

Get everything you need in one stop with Element Tattoo Supply today and contact our expert tattoo team with any questions that you may have today!