Tattoo Ink

At Element Tattoo Supply, we offer a wide variety of quality ink that comes directly from our experienced team. Our supply store is operated by world-renowned artist Eddie Tana who knows what it takes to make a perfect ink that is easy to work with and will produce pieces that hold their boldness for years down the line. As an artist, you’ll have confidence in the products you use — your clients will certainly appreciate the results. Shop our store today and contact us with any questions about our products at Element Tattoo Supply!

Simplified, Pre-Mixed Colors

It can be time consuming to find the direct intensity of coloring that you need for any given piece that you are working on. Element Tattoo Supply makes this process easier by pre-mixing your colors, so you know exactly what you need right at your fingertips. This will save you time so that you can focus your efforts on your artistry and worry less about mixing the perfect shade. Our Battleship Gray 4-pack of tattoo ink contains: 1oz Light Gray shade 20% 1oz Light/Medium Gray shade 40% 1oz Medium/Dark Gray shade 60% 1oz Dark Gray shade 80% You won’t have to worry about the process of mixing shades of varying intensities when you can just grab an ink, check the shade, and get to work. It makes the life of a tattoo artist all the easier, which is what Element Tattoo Supply seeks to do for our customers.

Professional Grade Tattoo Ink

Element doesn’t mess around when it comes to the professional level of our tattoo ink and other products. We think that it is a necessity that artists know exactly what kind of product that you are working with for both the peace of mind of the artist and the safety of their clients. Our ink is bottled using strict cleanroom practices so that you don’t run the risk of using a contaminated product. Additionally, we keep our ink to the organic basics by using only carbon, vegetable-based glycerin, witch hazel, alcohol, and water. You can feel safe knowing that you are using an ink that is easy to understand, professional-grade, and safe for your clients.

Ink Sets

If you want to have your tattoo ink color spectrum covered, quality Element ink sets are your best bet. With one or two sets, you can get all of the colors of ink that you need in a quick and efficient purchase. You can grab your basic primary colors, varying intensities and shades of black and white tattoo ink, or bundle it all together in one easy to purchase set. You will have everything that you need to supply your own smaller-scale operation, or easily supply an entire parlor.

The Benefits of Buying From Element

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products to our customers at Element — but there is more to it than that when deciding who you go to for your tattoo ink. Our team understands the importance of getting the job done right the first time, especially when the ultimate product is going to end up on someone for the rest of their life.

Heals Bold and Bright

It is crucial that you invest in tattoo ink that is going to heal without fading, otherwise your hard work will be undone and your client will be dissatisfied with their piece and need to get it touched up on a frequent basis. It can be bad for your business and show a lack of concern for the ink work itself. Element Tattoo Supply makes it a priority to provide our customers with a spectrum of ink varieties, from primary colors to differing shades of gray, so that you will always have what you need to get the job done. Element ink will keep its brightness and bold qualities as the work heals.

Pre-Dispersed and Organic

Working with pre-dispersed ink is a benefit to both the artist and the client receiving the tattoo. With finer particles, it can be utilized directly from the bottle with little hassle. There is no need for mixing colors when you know exactly what you are getting out of the bottle. Element ink also has the added benefit of being crafted directly from our team in the United States, so we make sure that it is quality at every step of production. Additionally, every ingredient that goes into our product is organic and is never tested on animals. You can rest assured that your tattoo ink is crafted carefully with precision and quality in mind.

Shop With Element Tattoo Supply Now!

Don’t take a risk with second rate tattoo product providers when it comes to sourcing the right ink for your next work of art. Element Tattoo Supply is a one-stop shop that can supply for everyone from individual tattoo artists to full parlors. Our ink is reliable, flows into skin with ease, and every aspect of it is organic. You and your clients will appreciate the care with which the ink is crafted and the ensuing benefits it will have for the quality of your work. Whether you are looking for a variety of colors or your basic black and white ink, Element can supply it for you. Get yours today and contact our expert tattoo team with any questions that you may have today!