How do dispose of my Sharps container?

Safely disposing of your sharps container is important. Sharps that are not disposed of safely may cause injury.

Place all tattoo needles and cartridges in a sharps disposal container immediately after they have been used. This will reduce the risk of needle sticks, cuts, and punctures.

Never place the sharps container in the trash, recycling, or green waste container. Never flush tattoo cartridges or needles down the drain or toilet. Doing so may put waste management and sewage workers, custodians, housekeepers, household members, and children at risk of being harmed.

If you are a California residence, there is a free service offered by the state. It is run by the Med-Project. 

You can request a pre-paid, pre-addressed mail-back package to use to send your used Sharps container in for proper disposable.

Here's the link: Sharps Container Mail-Back Service

Where can I buy sharps containers for my used tattoo needles and cartridges?

We have a large selection here on our website at Element Tattoo Supply

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