The history of Element Tattoo Supply

Element Tattoo Supply is known worldwide for its professional-grade high quality products,

customer service and professional knowledge in tattooing as well as the tattoo studio supplies we offer.

With over 21 years of active involvement in the tattoo industry,

Element Tattoo Supply has consistently provided top notch products and superior customer service

to professional artists as well as those just starting out

We are a company owned and advised by Eddie Tana, a professional tattoo artist and owner of OC Tattoo Inc.

With over 21 years of experience tattooing and an active member of the APT (Alliance of Professional Tattoo Artist),

our company takes zero shortcuts when it comes to quality and customer service.

The products we offer go through strict safety and quality standards before being offered to our customers.

We provide artists at every level safe, reliable and high quality products to contribute

to the growth and health of the flourishing tattoo industry.

Element Tattoo Supplies continues to be chosen by professional tattoo artists worldwide

as their one-stop-shop for tattoo parlor supplies and tattoo studio equipment.

You will find many tattoo suppliers trying to copy our products and even advertise

as us online at discounted prices. Beware of the imitators, and make sure you are in fact

purchasing from Element Tattoo Supply. Here at Element Tattoo Supply,

we will guide you in the right direction and give you advice on what will work for your style of tattooing.

All you need to do is ASK!

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