Tattoo power supplies

Tattoo equipment uses power so a reliable and stable power source is a necessity in this trade. Tattoo power supply machines for tattoo machines will ensure a smooth session every time a client is being served. There is a sea of power supply options in the market today but the reputable brands to look out for are LINE MASTER, deathless and critical tattoo. Did we mention that we also have a power supply line? Depending on what you are looking for in a power supply unit, any of these brands has a piece that will suit your preference.

  • Affordability is a key consideration among tattoo artists who are operating on a budget. It is also an important component of body art for artists that are just starting out and do not yet have a steady income stream.
  • Portability makes sense to artists that have made their art into a freelance income-generating activity. Since they go to clients wherever they are, they appreciate power supply units that are light to carry and compact enough to be packed among other tools of the trade.

Other supplies?

During a tattoo session, the tattoo machine is switched off and on as it is needed by the artist. What are some options for doing this without having to put down the tattoo tubes and sanitary wipes?

Foot pedals–power sources from Element Tattoo Supply, Deathless Cords, and LINE MASTER all use foot pedals to switch power on and off. To distinguish between brands and versions, each of these manufacturers has got a signature design for foot pedals. The Element Tattoo Supply foot pedal, for instance, is a square pedal with a current price markdown. Even at such a low cost, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Standard LINE MASTER foot pedals are either wired or unwired while the premier model is built from heavy steel and covered with chromium-nickel.

Clip cords - Element Tattoo Supply has a wide range in tattoo clip cords on offer. Clip cords range from traditional to RCA versions. Apart from our very own brand.

A reliable power supply is one of the key aspects of professional tattoo practice. At Element Tattoo Supply, we make you great.

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