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If you are keen on observing tattoo works done by other artists, you must have most probably noticed that some are plain black or grey while others appear more colorful.

Depending on the price range of tattooing, a tattoo client might have to go with the ink preference of the artist. For most people, and especially those who are getting their first tattoo, the brand of ink used on them does not matter. If the nature of operation of tattooing allows clients to choose their own ink, this cost should be anticipated in the overall charges. Are you keen on providing a huge selection of quality tattoo inks to your clientele?

Well, the color of the ink used on the skin depends on the artwork but that is just the surface. Tattoo ink can be classified under two major categories; same base with different pigments and different bases. Considering that ink used for tattooing is either water-based or alcohol-based, the first group of inks is definitely easy to work with. Tattoo artists who prefer to explore color by going for the second group inks find that their work produces pure and bolder colors. This is where we come in! How do you know that a tattoo ink set will provide you with the hue and shade you want? Shop here because Element Tattoo Supply inks have a reputation of high quality.

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Ordinarily, people are not particular about the kind of ink used for their tattoos. So, what are the special instances?

  1. Health-conscious individuals might insist on certain ink types because some brands are known to contain traces of Antimony, Beryllium, Nickel, Arsenic, Cobalt, Lead compounds, Lead, or Selenium. These metals are extremely toxic and their effect on the body is of a carcinogenic nature. Closely linked to reproductive health abnormalities, exposure to these metals could lead to birth defects and terminal illness.
  2. For vegetarians and animal rights activists, the idea of pieces or aspects of a dead animal in their tattoo ink is unwelcome. In this case, it is important to invest in inks that have vegetable ingredients as opposed to animal ingredients in their composition. Since tattoo inks are not food or medications, companies that produce them are not obligated to divulge the ingredient’s list.
  3. Most chemicals and pigments contained in beauty products are likely to be used in tattoo inks. If you are allergic to any of them, some inks might spell trouble for you.

To maintain a reputation of safe and sensitive tattooing, have an extensive color palette since most pigments are not produced by mixing the primary colors. You can buy this from us.


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