Why do tattoo artist cover their tattoo equipment

Tattoo medical supplies why do you need them - Cover your armrest, massage table, lamps, bottles, tattoo machines, clip cord take a breath and prepare to tattoo.

Being sterile is just one part of the tattoo process, have complete confidence in yourself knowing you have done everything in your tattoo station keeping it safe. Disposable equipment like plastic covers will keep your tattoo supplies and equipment free of any blood or dried inks after you have completed the tattoo at hand knowing you have taken all precautions to avoid cross-contamination for you and your clients as well as tattooers that you work with keeping your tattoo shop safe, we carry safety products making sure you are keeping it clean for the next tattoo and more tattoos for the future. we work closely with our local health department and follow all rules and regulations from the state of California and engage our thoughts alongside many professional tattoo artist creating a safer tattoo industry.

We strive to keep our tattoo industry clean safe your generation to come we don’t do this part-time!


Eddie Tana, Element Tattoo Supply

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