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Body, Piercing Supplies we’ll admit it, We focus a lot on tattoos at Element Tattoo Supply. Hey, what can we say? It’s in our name! However, piercings are a significant part of almost any tattoo shop around the world. In case you didn’t know, To familiarize you with our growing supply of piercing tools, we’ve created this roundup of piercing equipment essentials to stock up on in your next supply haul.

  1. Piercing Needles

Quality body piercing needles should be at the forefront of importance for professional piercers since they’ll enable a better piercing experience for your customers. Find bulk piercing needles in a variety of sizes, including a 14 Gauge Sterilized Piercing Needle 100-Pack and a 16 Gauge Sterilized Piercing Needle 100-Pack. These straight piercing needles are individually packaged and arrive pre-sterilized to maintain high hygienic standards. The best part? These needles are currently on sale! Shop either (or both) for only $5.99. Please note these needles are intended for licensed professional use only.

  1. Forceps & Pliers

They say the tools make the master, and we have a variety of forceps and pliers to make piercing a smoother experience for you and your client. These stainless steel piercing tools are sturdy and stay in place. In addition to being easy to sterilize, these tools assist in holding the jewelry in place, clamping rings closed or prying loops open. While normally sold at retail price, our small ring closing pliersPennington forceps and opening pliers are currently on sale for $2.

  1. Aftercare

Piercing professionals understand the importance of proper aftercare whenever a body piercing has been performed. In order to allow the skin to heal properly, daily cleansing is very important to prevent infection and secretion build-up. Those with a new piercing might think rubbing alcohol or strong soaps might be the best way to clean their new piercings, but these might actually end up damaging the skin during its healing process. Customers might also be tempted to rub on thick ointments; however, proper air circulation is critical to healing skin, and an ointment will prevent air from reaching it. Additionally, many at-home piercing cleaning solutions contain harsh ingredients that aren’t safe for long-term use, and healing can take some time depending on the location of the piercing.

This is why specially designed piercing aftercare should be the first line of defense when protecting a new piercing. The System One Piercing Aftercare is a convenient spray that is specially formulated to clean piercings to ensure proper healing. Because of the unique ingredients, this spray won’t corrode or damage jewelry, as so many harsh products tend to do. Because of the moist environment around a lip or tongue piercing, healing can take a lot longer. However, keeping it as clean as possible is paramount. The H2Ocean Arctic Ocean Mouthwash is alcohol and fluoride-free and contains sea salt, which includes natural enzymes found in saliva. This makes it a more pleasant and less irritating mouthwash. These two products are not only useful to have in a shop, but they add significant value to your piercing customers as well.

  1. Sterilizers

Maintaining your piercing utensils sterilized is vital. Make the cleaning easier and more effective with a powerful high-performing cleaning system such as the Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner. This benchtop cleaner provides optimal cleaning power and reliability. Opt for different sizes that work best for the size of your piercing studio, including a half-gallon, a three-quarters gallon, and a gallon. All of these cleaners ship free.

At Element Tattoo Supply, we aim to do the shopping for tattoo and piercing essentials a breeze. We never compromise on quality, and yet our piercing supplies are available for purchase at an incredible value. Enjoy free shipping on most orders and be sure to follow us on social media for future sales and discounts.

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