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Element Tattoo Supply Tattoo Kits Freehand Poking Tattoo Kit

Hand Poke Tattoo Kit

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Freehand Poking Tattoo Kit

Our Freehand Poking Tattoo Kit is not like others ours come with sterile products ensuring the safety of our products we added these products specific for Freehand Poking Tattooing in a safe matter.

Thin tattoo needles design to get that fine line style tattooing perfect for dot pepper shading

Bold tattoo needles design and perfect for darkening your tattoo dot shading.

The medical tape used for keeping down the medical and bandaging the tattoo when complete.

Bibs used to layout your tattoo station.

Tongue depressors to work with the A&D ointment and used also for placing ink caps down.

Ink caps use for holding ink in place so you can dip the tip of your needle after you poured the tattoo ink in them.

Black tattoo ink for that dark tattoo you are looking for.

Cleansing soap to use during the tattoo process.

Thick and thin skin markers designed for measuring the location for the tattoo or draw your design with these medical-grade markers before you do the tattoo.

Included in this tattoo kit

[1] Bottle of Method 1 oz tattoo ink
[1] 1oz Cleaning soap
[5] Fine Line tattoo needles
[5] Bold Line tattoo needles
[10] Ink cups
[1] Roll of medical tape
[2] Disposable razors
[1] Fine tip skin scribe
[1] Bold tip skin scribe
[2] Sterile tongue depressors
[2] A&D ointments
[2] 3x4 practice skin
[2] Medical bibs